Since it was founded in 1992, the Graduate Institute of Basic
    Medical Science in China Medical University has been
    providing an excellent graduate program in training biomedical
    research scientists. Our missions are to cultivate basic
    biomedical researchers, who have independent thinking,
    studying innovation and global perspective, and to improve
    and integrate basic and clinical researches. A total of nine
    full-time faculties are working closely with our students in a
    tutoring program throughout their academic years to ensure a
    balanced academic and personal development. Furthermore,
   our curriculum emphasizes on the teaching of both
   conventional and modern biomedical sciences as well as
   leading edge sciences including molecular cell biology and
   biotechnology. Cardiovascular Medicine, Molecular Imaging,
   Molecular Genetics and Tumor Molecular Medicine are four
  developing focuses in our research fields. We believe that our
  training courses and researches will be able to let our students
  to be an excellent molecular medicine scientist.