Curriculum Information*

Curriculum Features

This institute’s core curriculum enables students to have a concrete understanding of scientific research. We expect students will have a through and intergraded understanding of basic research and experimental technique and be able to apply and utilize the knowledge in their basic research or in the clinical medical service.

Students have to take 33 credits for graduation, this includes required courses (core courses: 11 credits), required elective courses (16 credit) and theses (6 credits). They can also take other elective courses from any institute in the school depend on their interests and research. In addition, all students are required to present their theses in English in relevant medical association conference before they submit the graduation thesis application.

Required courses (core courses) include:

  • Special Lecture Biomedical Science
  • Molecular Cell Biology.

Required elective courses include:

  • Seminar
  • Biomedical Research Technique
  • Scientific Manuscript Writings
  • Specifial Topics Biomedical Statistics