About Us*



Our institute was established in 1992, and reformed system for the institute of medical science in 1995. It was divided into two study groups, preclinical medicine and clinical medicine, for 1995 to 2006. In order to foster specially basic research and clinical research talent, it was renamed as “Graduate Institute of Basic Medical Science” and separated from the institute of medical science in 2006. Until now, about 110 students graduated from this institute and have high performance in the society. In addition to furthering their studies overseas, many graduated students are now working at various research institutes, biotechnology businesses and major hospitals, and our achievements in research and services have earned us high social recognition. 


  1. Cultivate basic biomedical researchers
    Due to the limited territory of Taiwan, to maintain and develop competency with mainland China, Japan and South Korea, medical technology should be one of the focuses on the projects of development. Therefore, to raise the standard of medical science and to cultivate basic molecular medicine research personnel is one of the purposes why the institute is established.
  2. Improve and integrate basic and clinical researches
    To cultivate the molecular medicine researchers who can integrate knowledge in both basic and clinical molecular medicine researches and to train students to become a practical "molecular medicine scientists" or a successful molecular medicine educator, who is independent, innovative, and capable to discover research methods in basic medicine and solve problems? 


  1. Cultivate molecular medicine scientists
  2. Train talents in molecular translational medicine
  3. Nurture the ability in independent and innovative thinking
  4. Cultivate researchers with an international perspective